Transform your territory

Seeing further,
going beyond ideas

Six-Ter will be by your side

SIX-TER is an independent consulting firm that analyzes the future of mobility and advice their actors in adapting to new contexts through innovation.

Based in the social and solidarity economy principles, SIX-TER aims to support public/private body as such as citizen associations and cooperatives, during their research, defining strategies, and implementing innovative, shared, social, responsible and ecological projects.

We seek to improve territorial competitivity through the optimization of service planning such as mobility, housing, environment, training, etc… all aiming at social integration.

SIX-TER is promoting sustainable alliances between all traditional economy actors and emerging models enabled by new technologies.

Whether you are a public/private body or a citizen,
let’s improve territorial competitivity
and promote sustainable alliances together

How can we be involved?


  • Going beyond your ideas
  • Preparing a sustainable and intercultural future with you
  • Inspiring you with global experiences to be duplicated at local level
  • Launching social, shared and collaborative projects