Singing traffic lights

Do you remember the first time you heard a traffic light making clicks, or actually speaking? How long did it take you to understand that it was simply a new system to help blind people cross the streets?

Cities are trying to become “smart” with all kinds of new connected technologies. But are citizens, companies, or urban and transport planners ready for this challenge?

We think that they could drive technological innovations in the transport sector more effectively, if they understood more deeply WHO uses public or private mobility systems, and WHY and HOW.

We propose experience workshops to observe the city and its citizens as a “smart-and-creative” integrated whole. Based on this holistic perspective and a shift from observable mobilities to motility (the capacity or potential for movement) it is possible to analyse city developments by making people experience and understand how movement takes place in urban spaces.


From May 2017

Who are involved?

Doerte Weig, Judit Batayé

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